• Image of Good Juju Yates Box

The perfect gift for your Yates & perfume lover....the Good Juju Yates Box.

You pick two signature Yates Perfumes you'd like and I'll take care of the rest. This box will come filled with fragrant moss, two crystals, two bottles of perfume, two incense cones, a star amulet (for good juju), and dried herbs.

During checkout, you'll have the option in the notes & instructions to let me know which two perfumes you want in your Yates Box. You can also email me at: melissa@yatesapothecary.com

No. 0103: tangerine. tahitian vanilla. patchouli
~citrus. fresh. clean. slightly earthy

No. 0398: iso e super. amber. cedar
~soft. woody. rich. velvety

No. 0410: bergamot. cassis. white musk
~bright. sharp. musky. citrus

No. 0808: fern. vanilla. vetiver
~green. sweet. soft. bright

No. 0245: grass. myrrh. arabian sandalwood
~fresh. green. earthy. rich

No. 1107: amber. patchouli. vanilla
~warm. soft. inviting. charming

No. 1014: pine. lavender. oakmoss
~ soft. woody. autumn. citrus

No. 1004: orange blossom, patchouli, rose
~classic. floral. warm

No. 5345: nag champa & toasted marshmallow
~incense. sweet. smokey

No. 0288: bergamot, black tea, rose, musk
~bright, earl grey inspired, floral