• Image of Leaf Perfume Bottle
  • Image of Leaf Perfume Bottle

This decorative & beautiful leaf perfume bottle will embrace your favorite Yates perfume. You can select any perfume from the Yates Signature Collection...they are listed below.

This bottle will hold 7ml of perfume in a base of fractionated coconut oil. It is adorned with a green tassel and will arrive wrapped in love.

Signature Perfumes:

No. 0103: tangerine. tahitian vanilla. patchouli
~citrus. fresh. clean. slightly earthy

No. 0398: iso e super. amber. cedar
~soft. woody. rich. velvety

No. 0410: bergamot. cassis. white musk
~bright. sharp. musky. citrus

No. 0808: fern. vanilla. vetiver
~green. sweet. soft. bright

No. 0245: grass. myrrh. arabian sandalwood
~fresh. green. earthy. rich

No. 1107: amber. patchouli. vanilla
~warm. soft. inviting. charming

No. 1014: pine. lavender. oakmoss
~ soft. woody. autumn. citrus

No. 1004: orange blossom. patchouli. rose
~classic. floral. warm

No. 5345: nag champa & toasted marshmallow
~sweet incense

Please keep perfumes away from direct sunlight, high heat, and humidity. Refills are available.