• Image of Rose Quartz
  • Image of Rose Quartz
  • Image of Rose Quartz
  • Image of Rose Quartz

The lovely rose quartz, with its delicate pink nature, is the stone of unconditional love. Sometimes called the Heart Stone, rose quartz has been used as a token of love.

Rose Quartz properties:

~infinite peace
~heart chakra stone
~teaches the true essence of love
~purifies and opens the heart
~inner healing and self-love
~calming stone
~attracts love
~reminds you of your intentions

This crystal has a slightly darker core...almost a light lilac along with the soft pink.

You will receive the crystal in the photo, and there is one available. This crystal weighs 1.1 pounds. Email me if you're interested in free studio pick. The Yates Perfume studio is located in the Screw Factory in Lakewood, Ohio.

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