• Image of Yates Apothecary Signature Perfume Oils
  • Image of Yates Apothecary Signature Perfume Oils

All of my perfume oils are blended by hand using premium grade fragrance oils, key accords, essential oils, and aroma molecules...and are blended in small batches. Each perfume oil comes in a 5.0 ml glass rectangular bottle and is combined in a base of fractioned coconut oil.

There are 7 different perfume oils available:

No. 0103: tangerine. tahitian vanilla. patchouli
~citrus. fresh. clean. slightly earthy

No. 0398: iso e super. amber. cedar
~soft. woody. rich. velvety

No. 0410: bergamot. cassis. white musk
~bright. sharp. musky. citrus

No. 0808: fern. vanilla. vetiver
~green. sweet. soft. bright

No. 0245: grass. myrrh. arabian sandalwood
~fresh. green. earthy. rich

No. 1107: amber. patchouli. vanilla
~warm. soft. inviting. charming

No. 1014: pine. lavender. oakmoss
~ soft. woody. autumn. citrus

No. 1004: orange blossom, patchouli, rose
~classic. floral. warm

N0. 5345: nag champa & toasted marshmallow
~incense. sweet. smokey

The perfume oils are free of chemicals and alcohol. Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature.